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Teamex Noni Hair color shampoo



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This hair colour shampoo improves the vibrancy and longevity of dyed hair thanks to its nourishing ingredient blend. The unique herbal formula of this product protects hair from damage, strengthens hair by making the strands more elastic, and generally does a good job of taking care of hair.

Qty : 2* 100 ml


Noni Extracts, Aloe vera Extracts, Olive Oil, Almond Extracts, Argan Oil.


» Step 01: Wash your hair with normal shampoo for removing dust and oil.
» Step 02: Wipe off excess water from hairs wear a pair of gloves
» Step 03: take equal amount of colorant and developer and mix them all.
» Step 04: Apply on wet hair and spread and massage it properly on hair at least 5minutes.
» Step 05: Wait for 5 minutes and wash hair with normal water.
» Step 06: No need to use any other shampoo as it contains both shampoo and colorant.
» Step 07: Rinse well with water


• Colors Your Hair In 5 Minutes
• Covers 100% Grey Hair
• No Amonia, No Paraben, Long Lasting
• Give Your Hair The Color With No Preparation
• Adds Softness and Strengthens Hair
• Colors And Deeply Nourishes Your Hair
• Natural Coloring Agent for Hair
• Gives A Natural Shine and Bounce to The Hair
• Less Risk of Allergy
• Prevents Frizzy and Dry Hair
• Allows You to Do Shampoo, Color, And Condition
• Easy To Use and Rinse Out


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