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Teamex Kegel Tablet and Oil is a unique blend of natural ingredients that provide an amazing sensation to men’s private part and internal sexual organs. It is a perfect blend of natural ingredients, which provide the right nutrients for men’s private part and internal sexual organs. With the best blend of Teamex Kegel Oil, it makes you feel your complete sexual pleasure. Teamex Kegel Oil contains ingredients that can help men to increase stamina, strength, penis thickness, men’s private part size and performance for their sexual pleasure. The kit contains Teamex Kegel Oil (70 ml) and tablets (60 tablets) so it is essential to use the kit for best results.


Tablet: Suvarn Bhasma, Bang Bhasma, Ras Sindoor, Suvarn Ma Bhasma, Jafaladi Va, Sukramatruka Va, Viryashodham Va, Vrushya Va, Viryastambhan Va, Shatayu Rasayan, Sukrastambham Va, Virea Shodhak Chuma
Oil: Ling Oil, Indrayan Oil, Ankol Oil, Ashwagandha Oil, Shrigopal Oil, Apoorva Oil


Tablet: Take Teamex Kegel 2 tablets every day, 1 aer breakfast and 1 aer dinner. For best result, take regularly for 3-4 months with lukewarm milk or as suggested by healthcare professional.
Oil: Take 4-5 drops of oil on palm and soly massage soly on inmate areas ll completely absorbed. Enjoy soothing aromatherapy experience or as suggested by healthcare professional.


Overall Sexual Wellness
Better Erection
Lasting Longer in Bed
Improved Self-Esteem
Decreased Depression and Anxiety Increased Desire

Immediate, Natural Pain Relief Better Sleep
Increased Intimacy and Closeness to a Sexual Partner


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