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Benefits of Kayapalat Magical Mud

It helps to get rid of Headache, Migraines, and Other Mental disorders.
It is Powerful in Curing Constipation, Acidity, and Abdominal Pain
It helps to get rid of Blood Pressure and Skin Diseases
It helps to get rid of Eye Problems such as Conjunctivitis, hemorrhage in the eyeball, refraction, and Itching Allergy.
It heals the Wounds
It helps to cure Thyroid Problems
It helps to get rid of Gynaecology Problems

Direction for Use :

In a bowl pour some water with the Magical Mud Pack slowly, stirring constantly until the mixture turns into a paste.

To get relief from Headache, apply it on Forehead

To cure Constipation, apply it to the abdomen

To heal the wounds and cure Skin Diseases, apply it to the affected area.

To get relief from Eye Problems such as conjunctivitis, hemorrhage in the eyeball, itching allergy, refraction namely short sight and long sight, and especially useful in glaucoma where it helps to reduce eyeball tension, apply it on the eyelid.

Mud Bath is highly recommended every week to get rid of different diseases like constipation, blood pressure, skin diseases, Headache caused by tension and to eliminate toxins from the body

After 45-60 minutes wash the mud with Cold Water. If the person feels cold, warm water should be used.


Pregnant women and people having a metallic plate, rod, and screw in their bodies are advised not to use this mud pack.

Key Ingredients :
Classalt, Dolomite, Hydrous Aluminum Silicate, M0ntmorilonite, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Silicate, Calcium Oxide, Magnesium Oxide


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